About me

Alina Karaman is an established DC/VA/MD makeup and hair artist that works for a National Television station as a freelance artist and also has an LLC that has been working with brides/red carpet/corporate clients for the past 11 years. Alina is receiving awards year after year as one of the best artistry companies in the area. 

2020 wasn’t easy on anyone and the wedding industry was one that took a big hit. Having lots of creative energy, Alina found her new calling during these times – sketching with watercolor.

Alina uses her art not only to fulfill the vision of her clients, but also sends her small crafts as a volunteering act and also participated in fundraisers, and looking forward to participating in more. If art can help someone, Alina is all for it!

Please let us know what project you would like Alina to sketch for you!